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A Cash Flow Saving Grace Turns into a Powerful Working Capital Tool for ECI and its Suppliers

A Cash Flow Saving Grace Turns Into a Powerful Working Capital Tool for ECI and Its Suppliers

Slow customer payments and limited liquidity options prompted ECI to turn to supply chain finance to accelerate cash flow and access much-needed liquidity.
Benefits of Supply Chain Finance for Buyers and Suppliers

Benefits of Supply Chain Finance for Buyers and Suppliers

While the benefits of supply chain finance for a buyer are obvious, we explore how suppliers value early payment and payment visibility.

Evoqua Water Technologies Pays Suppliers Early While Funding Sustainability and Expansion Initiatives

Supply chain finance is the catalyst for supplier early payment and Evoqua unlocking nearly $21 million in cash flow within the first 6 months of the program.

IFS Capital Limited Taps PrimeRevenue as Supply Chain Finance Partner, Unlocking Working Capital for Southeast Asia-Based Companies

The partnership brings supply chain finance—a process for buyers to optimize their working capital management and at the same time provide faster access to cash for suppliers—to companies across Southeast Asia.

Privately-Owned Global Caffeinated Beverage Company Leverages Supply Chain Finance to Invigorate Financial Health

This global caffeinated beverage company turned to supply chain finance to make double-digit cuts to debt and improve credit rating in record time.
the financial blueprint

The Financial Blueprint - Season 1

The Financial Blueprint is a 6 part video series about global supply chains, overcoming tech lag, combating inflation, and more.

Supply Chain Finance: A Solution to Today's Global Volatility

For decades, business leaders have used supply chain finance to improve financial health. Now the focus is on volatility. How can business leaders use supply chain finance to reduce supply chain risk and increase resiliency amid changing economic and geopolitical conditions?

Benefiting Both Sides of the Liquidity Equation

How one retailer and its suppliers use PrimeRevenue to drive the ultimate win-win for cash flow.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Treasury to Drive Growth

Treasury and finance doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves for business growth. Boston Scientific is changing that. Learn how their treasury team unlocked more than $230M in working capital.

PrimeRevenue Congratulates Customers Genuine Parts Company and Boston Scientific on their 2022 Alexander Hamilton Award Wins

Genuine Parts Company was granted the Gold Award and Boston Scientific the Bronze Award in the Working Capital and Payments category.

eFactor Network and PrimeRevenue Expanding Access to Finance for Agribusiness Companies in Latin America

Alliance with FIRA in Mexico will promote an innovative re-discount model to connect first-tier banks with second-tier banks.
supply chain finance fundamentals

Supply Chain Finance Fundamentals

Supply chain finance allows buyers and sellers to increase their cash flow—but how? Learn about the what, why and how it benefits both buyers and suppliers.