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Infographic: Accounts Receivable Finance

Converting receivables into cash by reducing the day sales outstanding (DSO) means releasing working capital trapped in trade receivables and creating additional capacity within the business to self-fund growth.

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Brochure: Key Reasons PrimeRevenue is the Best for Dutch Corporates

Based on our extensive experience running supplier finance programs in The Netherlands, multi-funding solution and Dutch capabilities in terms of law and language, PrimeRevenue is the clear choice to support Dutch corporates and their SME suppliers.

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Case Study: PrimeRevenue and Tower Trade Group Partnership-Transforming Trade Finance for SMEs

Tower Trade Group and PrimeRevenue have had a strategic relationship since 2014 processing more than $200 million in annual volume and growing rapidly. Jointly they help small and medium-sized enterprises by providing supplier-financing solutions typically available to large buying organizations only. Together they help SMEs finance growth, increase profitability and ensure long-term sustainability.

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White paper: Supply Chain Finance Payable and Receivable Solutions Guide 2014

The Global Business Intelligence Guide on supply chain finance defines buyer centric and seller centric programs helping CFOs, Treasurers, CPOs, and bank professionals better understand the myriad of issues around supply chain finance. It also profiles the leading global supply chain finance providers.  

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Supply Chain Finance Request for Proposal Template

Selecting the right supply chain finance and dynamic discounting provider is very challenging, and asking the right questions is crucial to the long-term success of the initiative. This document highlights the key questions you need to include when issuing an RFP for Supply Chain Finance. You can use this template or just copy/paste the required questions.  

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White Paper: Supply Chain Finance in the Middle East

Over the past decade, the Middle East – with its exceptional position between Asia, Europe and Africa – has become a strategic commercial hub. As a result, the region’s financial landscape has undergone an extraordinary transformation during the last few years. Because Islamic Finance has always been key to societal developments in the Middle East and North African (MENA) countries, it’s no surprise this concept is an important influence to the region’s growing adaptation of supply chain finance solutions.  

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Supply Chain Finance: The Solution For Your Working Capital Goals

This white paper provides an overview of the Supply Chain Market in Europe highlighting ways working capital trapped in supply chains can be unlocked with such solutions.  

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Payments, Payables, and Cash Flow in the Digital Economy

Cash on the line. As we move from post-recession recovery to growth, the importance of cash flow and working capital management is crystal clear. And the rise of business networks connecting people, processes and information is now yielding previously unknown insights and opportunities. Is your organization using the Digital Economy’s tools and methods to control cash flow and grow beneficially for all stakeholders? The experts speak. Dan Juliano, Prime Revenue: “Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba …has no inventory. Airbnb…owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening” (Tom Goodwin). John Evarts, Mediafly: “The power of visibility […]

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Info Chart: Extended Supplier Finance for Mid-Tier Suppliers

Historically, mid-tier suppliers have not been able to take advantage of supply chain finance programs through banks due to onerous requirements and smaller spends. By knowing the alternative options, mid-tier suppliers can improve their working capital or cash surplus.

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Supplier Financing Case Study: Shenzen D’Sily Trading Company

Shenzhen D’Sily Trading Company was invited by a customer to join their Supplier Financing program to improve their cash flow and decrease their DSO. To avoid being strapped for cash due to lengthy payment terms, they took advantage of the user friendly SCiSupplier platform to receive early payments and other great benefits.

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Dynamic Discounting White paper: Cash Returns from your Supply Chain

This white paper provides an overview of dynamic discounting and the rapidly increasing acceptance of this solution that offers financing to suppliers while delivering an additional income stream to their customers. PrimeRevenue offers the only common solution for dynamic discounting and supply chain finance on the market allowing both buyers and suppliers to extract cash from their supply chains and realize unprecedented gains. Download our dynamic discounting white paper to learn more.  

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Infographic: Dynamic Discounting vs. Supply Chain Finance

What are the main differences between Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Finance?

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Infographic: Single Bank vs. Multibank Supply Chain Finance

When selecting a supply chain finance provider, properly vetting that company will determine whether or not your supply chain adds value or just hobbles along. Find out why successful supplier finance programs are based on multibank solutions.

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Whitepaper: Rate Arbitrage Trap

Read this publication to find out why a term optimization approach utilizing vendor and commodity class bench-marking, corporate family standardization, geographical harmonization, etc. will yield 3 to 10 times the cash flow gain of a rate arbitrage approach to supplier term extension negotiations.  

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Audio: Tech Talk Radio Interview Featuring Dan Juliano

Dan Juliano, Senior Vice President – Business Development & Product, discusses the importance of supply chain finance as a working capital optimization tool with Tino Mantella, president and CEO of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) on TAG Radio. PrimeRevenue was named the “Best Technology Solutions Provider” by the TAG Southeastern Software Association (SSA) in their fifth annual TAG SSA Impact Awards. PrimeRevenue was recognized for SCiCustomer, its revolutionary receivables financing platform.

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Audio: Interview with Big Lots and PrimeRevenue on Supply Chain Finance

Jared Poff, Vice President and Treasurer, Big Lots, Inc., a Fortune 500 retail corporation, and PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue, Inc., were interviewed on Business RadioX. The interview addressed ways Big Lots uses the PrimeRevenue OpenSCi solution to support its global supplier community.

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Whitepaper: Supply Chain Finance, The New Battleground

Supply chain finance is now used by numerous leading organizations in today’s market. This article highlights the benefits of this solution for buyers and suppliers.

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Webinar: Benefits of Using a Multibank Supply Chain Finance Solution (Part 2)

Part two of the webinar series highlighting multibank funding structures continues to examine how such solutions solve the challenges associated with closed, bank-proprietary solutions including credit limits, abrupt funding policy shifts, cross-border boundaries and multiple currencies.

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Case Study: Royal KPN N.V. (KPN) Supply Chain Finance

KPN, the leading telecom provider in the Netherlands, needed a solution for optimizing the flow of cash within their supply chain to support key suppliers while also optimizing their own working capital. PrimeRevenue offered KPN our comprehensive OpenSCi™ solution, which is now key to the organization’s operational agility.

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Webinar: Benefits of Using a Multibank Supply Chain Finance Solution (Part 1)

This two-part webinar series highlights how multibank solutions help companies solve challenges in terms of funding requirements, pricing, accounting treatment and jurisdictions.

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Whitepaper: The Impact of Basel III in Supply Chain Finance

New regulations for banks under Basel III draw the attention of various stakeholders in supply chain finance. It’s not only banks that are keen to take note of these regulations, but also their corporate clients want to understand the implications for their supplier finance programs. This detailed article provides an overview of Basel III requirements and examines its implications for market development and funding spreads for supply chain finance.

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Webinar: IBM Supplier Connection: Small Business Financing

Watch this webinar organized by IBM Supplier Connection to find out why supply chain finance is one of the best financing solutions for small businesses and their large business clients as it creates a win-win situation for both constituents in the supply chain.

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Whitepaper: Myths & Facts in Supply Chain Finance

Despite its growth and success, there remains a general lack of knowledge regarding how supply chain finance works and how to effectively utilize it. This whitepaper provides an overview of the most common myths in supply chain finance and the facts from companies which have implemented such programs in order to help you maximize the enormous opportunities from such solutions.

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Whitepaper: Onboard the Supply Chain Finance Program

One common challenge that companies encounter when deploying supply chain finance programs is onboarding suppliers and ensuring that opportunities in terms of number of suppliers in a program are fully realized. A successful supplier finance program requires selling the financing solution to each individual supplier. This white paper highlights the key points of supplier onboarding and details the process of implementing and rolling out a successful working capital finance program.

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Whitepaper: Moving to Open, Bank-independent Supply Chain Finance Platforms

An increasing number of corporations are looking for multi-funding solutions to overcome bottlenecks and credit inefficiencies they encounter with bank proprietary supply chain finance platforms. This article looks at the increased use of multi-funding platforms and addresses the main differences from proprietary banking systems.

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Video: New Trends and Developments in Supply Chain Finance

PrimeRevenue’s leadership team provides an overview of the company’s performance in 2013 and outlines key developments and upcoming trends in the supply chain finance market.

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Video: SCiMap: A Revolutionary Working Capital Analysis Solution

Robert Kramer, Vice President – Working Capital Products & Solutions, provides an in-depth overview of SCiMap™, a revolutionary working capital optimization tool for supply chain finance. This working capital analyzer solution allows organizations looking for supply chain finance or dynamic discounting solutions to identify the best payment terms strategies and maximize working capital improvements.

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Video: Accounts Receivable Finance solution

Kelly Newman, Product Manager, provides an overview of SCiCustomer™, PrimeRevenue’s state-of-the-art receivables financing platform. SCiCustomer™ offers cross-border financing at highly attractive rates with up to 100% advanced payment of the invoices available backed by a multitude of banks and non-bank funders.

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Whitepaper: How to Turn Your Receivables into Cash with Accounts Receivable Finance

The biggest obstacle to business success is a shortage of cash and the inability to maximize cash flow. Whether this is due to rapid growth, seasonality, or lack of time to collect from creditors, the end results are the same: pressure, underperformance and the inherent inability to grow. SCiCustomer™, PrimeRevenue’s accounts receivable finance solution allow sellers and exporters to generate cash flow through a centralized web-based platform generating unmatched flexibility in terms of jurisdictions, currencies, credit limits and competitive pricing.

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Infographic: The History of Supply Chain Finance

Introduced in the 1980s as a potentially innovative funding option for corporations and their suppliers, supply chain finance has taken off over the past decade. Programs have been implemented by leading corporations in various industries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. This infographic examines how various economic events have confirmed the benefits of this working capital solution, including the recent credit crisis.

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Whitepaper: The EU Late Payment Directive and Supply Chain Finance

The European Parliament approved Directive 2011/7/EU to combat late payments in commercial transactions. The European Payment Directive limits the time corporations have to make payments to their suppliers, bringing relief to some vendors. However, buying organizations face higher Days Payable Outstanding (DPOs) and lower liquidity due to the shorter payment terms. This detailed research paper examines why supply chain finance is an effective solution for managing working capital efficiently under the EU Payments Directive by improving supplier cash flow while enabling corporations to maintain payment term flexibility with their suppliers.

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Webinar: How Leading Companies Use Supplier Finance

This complimentary webinar highlights the criteria corporations should use when evaluating reverse factoring solutions and the critical success factors in setting up and managing such programs. The webinar shows how the OpenSCi™ solution unlocks working capital benefits and delivers unprecedented cash flow results.

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Whitepaper: Electronic Time Drafts

Electronic Time Drafts offer suppliers a new and faster way to onboard supply chain finance programs compared to the methods offered through traditional financing solutions. With Electronic Time Drafts, funders are able to process transactions as easily as cashing checks. This article highlights ways Electronic Time Drafts allow supplier financing to operate exclusively using negotiable instruments governed under the legal framework of Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), as opposed to traditional accounts receivable purchase agreements governed under Article 9 of the UCC.

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Whitepaper: Changing the Game: Financing Working Capital in Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, optimizing working capital has become a key priority for many corporations. Efficient management of the cash-to-cash (C2C) cycle is a key component of this effort. Asian companies can generate considerable savings by re-engineering their receivables and payables process. This publication reveals how leading companies in Asia Pacific can improve their financial supply chains to achieve the next wave of improvements in working capital.

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Case Study: Raylon Enterprise

Raylon Enterprise, a China-based exporter, uses supply chain finance to gain access to liquidity and mitigate the negative impact of lengthy payment terms. When their client presented them with an opportunity to utilize supply chain finance, Raylon was keen on joining the program.

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Case Study: Home Design Alternatives (HDA) Inc

US based Home Design Alternatives experiences significant cost savings and a cash flow of $4 Million by using PrimeRevenue’s supply chain finance platform. Extended payment terms, along with the volatile economic conditions made it challenging for this provider of media products to minimize access to credit lines. PrimeRevenue’s supplier financing platform has enabled them to receive accelerated payments due from their customer.

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Case Study: China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Xiamen Corp

Chinese supplier to a leading Australian discount store enhances working capital by 20% using PrimeRevenue’s supplier financing platform. The long wait for payment following the shipment until the date of invoice maturity started to impact the expansion plans of Xiamen Corporation. Xiamen Corporation’s customer implemented the reverse factoring program in 2011 for the benefit of their supplier community.

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Case Study: Sjørring Maskinfabrik

Sjørring Maskinfabrik uses supply chain finance to receive early payments on their receivables. Based in Denmark, Sjørring Maskinfabrik has become one of Volvo’s long-term suppliers. In late 2007, Sjørring Maskinfabrik was invited to join Volvo’s leading supply chain finance program.

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Case Study: Red River Commodities

US-based agriculture supplier, Red River Commodities, frees up working capital with PrimeRevenue’s supplier financing solution. One of the company’s internal priorities was to improve its working capital while maintaining access to cash in order to pay its farmers for inventory when the crops are delivered. The company also wanted to find a way to more efficiently manage its accounts receivable, and to have control over the payment flow.

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Case Study: Metallfabriken Ljunghäll AB

Volvo Supplier Uses PrimeRevenue Reverse Factoring to Improve Cash Flow Through quality, flexibility and the ability to keep up with customer requirements at all times, Sjørring Maskinfabrik has become one of Volvo’s long-term suppliers. In late 2007, Sjørring Maskinfabrik learned that Volvo wished to extend payment terms with its supplier base.

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Case Study: Gasparotto-Fondal S.R.L.

Manufacturer Gasparotto-Fondal S.R.L. achieves cost savings of 30-40% through supply chain finance. The strategic Italian supplier to a leading global home appliances manufacturer receives payment as early as on Day 4 by switching to the OpenSCi™ platform.

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Case Study: Johnson Tiles

Johnson Tiles leverages supply chain finance to reduce Day Sales Outstanding by 60 days. Read this case study to find out how the leading tile manufacturer uses the supplier finance solution provided by PrimeRevenue to plan cash flow and expand their business.

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Case Study: Electrical Components International (ECI)

ECI Uses supply chain finance to improve cash flow. ECI has been a supplier to the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances for the past 57 years. In late 2008, their client offered them access to supply chain finance.

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Case Study: Arotubi

Arotubi, a leading producer of aluminum components reduces DSO by 3% by using the PrimeRevenue supply chain finance platform.

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Case Study: Alro Group

Belgium-based manufacturer Alro N.V. is a strategic supplier to a leading global automotive manufacturer. It recovered from the repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis by using PrimeRevenue supply chain finance, which allowed them to strengthen their cash flow.

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Whitepaper: CFO Research Survey: Strengthening Supplier Relationships through Supplier Finance

Read this recent survey prepared by CFO Research Services to better understand why senior finance executives view supply chain finance as a strategic component of their companies’ efforts to optimize working capital. In particular, CFO Research was interested in understanding how different companies use this solution to achieve their working capital objectives while improving supply chain relationships.

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Webinar: Understanding Global Supply Chain Finance in Connection with the UK Government Initiative

The exclusive webinar focuses on how the supply chain finance initiative led by the UK Government and David Cameron helps small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow, invest in machinery and hire more employees. Detailed examples show how major companies in the UK are supporting their small suppliers through supply chain finance and help grow the economy.

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Whitepaper: A Checkered Flag for Supply Chain Finance in the Automotive Industry

This extensive report with unique market insight describes how supply chain finance solutions offer the automotive industry the opportunity to optimize working capital and ensure adequate cash flow availability to fund growth. Supplier financing programs managed by PrimeRevenue have been used for several years by leading automotive manufactures and large suppliers including tire, motorcycle, truck and other OEMs with over 17,000 clients optimizing working capital on OpenSCi™ the largest supply chain finance platform in the world.

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Whitepaper: Supply Chain Finance Market Overview

This whitepaper describes the potential and current supply chain finance global market size. It provides a detailed overview of the supplier financing ecosystem and analyses drivers propelling or constraining the take-off and adoption of this solution on a large scale.

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Whitepaper: Supply Chain Finance Gaining Strong Traction in Asia Pacific

This report examines growth opportunities and unique findings on supply chain finance in Asia Pacific. It addresses the main points for treasurers and procurement professionals to consider when looking at deploying cross-border programs in the Asian region.

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Infographic: Why Supply Chain Finance?

Increasingly, companies recognize the strategic importance of working capital management and begin to look at their financial supply chain for opportunities to unlock cash. In fact, generating additional cash flow through better management of working capital is a route that is being adopted by most leading organizations worldwide. Supply chain finance has become an important tool in the battle to unlock working capital improving competitiveness and generating billions of dollars in free cash flow for best-in-class companies and their suppliers.

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Infographic: Supply Chain Finance Iceberg

The true potential of supply chain finance is often unrealized. To move beyond the tip of the iceberg and achieve financial supply chain efficiency, CFOs and treasurers need a solution that is more than just a supplier early payment tool. They need something that will turn supply chain finance into a win-win solution for buyers and supplier. The OpenSCi™ product suite is the only set of solutions on the market that takes you all the way from strategy to execution to measurement and accountability.

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Video: Introducing Supply Chain Finance and PrimeRevenue OpenSCi

PrimeRevenue CEO, PJ Bain, provides an overview of supply chain finance and introduces OpenSCi™, the most comprehensive solution for financing global supply chains.

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Video: PrimeRevenue Partnerships in Latin America

Interview with Hector de la Garza, CEO of eFactor Network about the successful partnership between eFactor Network and PrimeRevenue bringing the first multibank supply chain finance solution to Latin America.

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Video: Supply Chain Finance in Latin America (Spanish Version)

Interview in Spanish with Hector de la Garza, CEO of E Factor Network about the growth of supply chain finance in Latin America.

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Video: TV interview with CEO PJ Bain

PrimeRevenue’s CEO, PJ Bain, appears on Atlanta Tech Edge, a weekly TV show which explores the fastest growing technology companies.

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Video: History of Supply Chain Finance and PrimeRevenue Partnerships

In this thought-provoking interview, Robert Barnes, founder of PrimeRevenue, and Dan Juliano, vice president – business development & partnerships, address the rapid growth of supply chain finance which opens new financing opportunities for funding partners above and beyond mainstream banks and commercial finance firms.

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Video: Experience the Advantages of OpenSCi

PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi™ product suite is revolutionizing financial supply chains by allowing companies to optimize working capital and to strengthen their financial supply chain. Brian Medley, strategic account executive, provides an overview of the leading platform for supply chain finance and the benefits for corporations and their suppliers.

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Video: About PrimeRevenue

PrimeRevenue CEO, PJ Bain, introduces the company and the product suite OpenSCi™ the most comprehensive solution for financing global supply chains.

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Infographic: Multibank Supply Chain Finance

Successful supply chain finance is based on a true multi-funding structure. This info chart provides the top 5 reasons for CFOs and Treasurers to choose multibank supply chain finance solutions.

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Whitepaper: The Missing Link

Companies implement supply chain finance to help optimize payment terms. They define success by improvements in working capital and cash flow. However, most programs do little to help the buying organization determine their working capital strategy or execute against that strategy. Why? There is a missing link. Download one of the most read reports in Supply Chain Finance to learn more about this key success factor.

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Infographic: Key Facts about Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance has been brought sharply into focus by the recent global financial and economic crisis. There are some key success factors in implementing and managing such financing programs. This infographic debunks some of the myth-like speculations surrounding this solution and find out the top facts in supplier financing.

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Whitepaper: Report on Supply Chain Finance in the Mining Industry

In the past, growth from emerging markets has fuelled demand in mining commodities generating record revenues for the industry. However, the situation has changed and today’s CFOs in the mining industry – take Australia for example- face challenges familiar to other sectors coming off record growth. This whitepaper considers some of these challenges, and offers solutions such as supply chain finance that mining companies can adopt in response.

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Infographic: Unlock Cash Flow with Supply Chain Finance

This latest infographic gives you an overview how supply chain finance allows leading organizations to improve your supplier relations, reduce risk and supply chain costs.

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Brochure: Supply Chain Finance Overview

This brochure provides an overview of PrimeRevenue, the leading, global provider of supplier financing. PrimeRevenue’s award winning OpenSCi™ platform provides increased value for the world’s largest supply chains.

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Brochure: Innovating the Financial Supply Chain

This brochure shows how PrimeRevenue OpenSCi™ helps buyers and suppliers improve working capital and free up cash by providing supply chain finance solutions. Our innovative and award winning supply chain finance platform is used by the world’s largest organizations and leading banks.

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Whitepaper: Appetite for Working Capital

While food and beverage organizations are facing a number of challenges including increased commodity prices and changes in customer demand, one of the most important issue in terms of financial performance is working capital. This report provides an overview of the working capital challenges in the food and beverage industry and highlights ways supply chain finance unlocks cash stuck in the world’s largest supply chains.

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Whitepaper: Independent Working Capital Technology Guide: Vendor Positioning Guide

The latest and independent Working Capital Technology Guide reaffirms PrimeRevenue’s leading position in the market with its award winning platform. This excellent study highlights the different player in the working capital finance industry and provides detailed information on PrimeRevenue as the leader in supplier financing.

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