Tap into the cash trapped inside your supply chain.

Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, our strategic programs can help you unlock millions in working capital.

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Supply chain finance is more than just math.

Get out of the numbers game with a program designed specifically for your business.

From overlooking industry nuances to leaning too heavily on credit ratings alone, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t deliver. Watch this video to see why a strategic supply chain finance program benefits both
buyers and suppliers.

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    If you’re looking to unlock more cash flow, we’ll gladly relinquish the keys.

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    Pick and choose how much of your accounts receivables you want to trade. Get paid as soon as tomorrow.

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Go beyond traditional banking tactics.

Where banks see supply chain finance as just another way to lend money, we live and breathe the know-how
needed to create a successful dialogue between buyers and their suppliers. Here’s how.

  • Plan

    From helping buyers implement supply chain finance programs to helping suppliers execute accounts receivable finance programs, our cloud-enabled platform delivers the working capital they need.

  • Partner

    We collaborate with you to uncover significant cash flow opportunities that traditional funding programs typically miss—often freeing up to 5X more working capital.

  • Protect

    Trusted by leading corporations, our multi-funder model provides the safest and securest way to eliminate the volatility and risk associated with most programs.

The Ultimate Win-Win Cash Flow Solutions
for Buyers and Suppliers

The Ultimate Win-Win Cash Flow Solutions
for Buyers and Suppliers

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Discover the benefits
to both sides of the liquidity equation.

Extending payment terms and getting paid more quickly seem like two opposing goals. Yet a major home products retailer and a top appliance maker were able to achieve them in tandem. Download their case study for more insight into how a supply chain finance program can pay off for buyers and suppliers.

“We felt that in PrimeRevenue we had a true advocate, a collaborative partner with the right people, the right solutions, and the right leadership to ensure a seamless implementation and outstanding results.”
Bernard Gerardin | Finance Manager for Group Purchasing, Michelin Group

A cloud-enabled platform that
delivers major results on the ground.

Our OpenSCi product suite offers a complete solution across the entire supply chain.


Identify your goals and design your program alongside your dedicated Program Manager.
Next, educate and onboard your suppliers through one central, secure system.

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Digitally submit the necessary documentation.
Then, start trading invoices for payment as early as tomorrow.

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Become a true business partner to our buyer and supplier clients
without the hassle of setup, education, project management or onboarding.

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