Tap into the cash trapped inside your supply chain

Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, our strategic programs can help you unlock millions in working capital.


Supply chain finance isn't one size fits all

Get out of the numbers game with a program designed specifically for your business.

From overlooking industry nuances to leaning too heavily on credit ratings alone, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t deliver. Watch this video to see why a strategic supply chain finance program benefits both
buyers and suppliers.

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    If you’re looking to unlock more cash flow, we’ll gladly relinquish the keys.

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    Pick and choose how much of your accounts receivables you want to trade. Get paid as soon as tomorrow.

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The Ultimate Win-Win Cash Flow Solutions
for Buyers and Suppliers

The Ultimate Win-Win Cash Flow Solutions
for Buyers and Suppliers

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Discover the benefits
to both sides of the liquidity equation.

Extending payment terms and getting paid more quickly seem like two opposing goals. Yet a major home products retailer and a top appliance maker were able to achieve them in tandem. Download their case study for more insight into how a supply chain finance program can pay off for buyers and suppliers.

“We felt that in PrimeRevenue we had a true advocate, a collaborative partner with the right people, the right solutions, and the right leadership to ensure a seamless implementation and outstanding results.”
Bernard Gerardin | Finance Manager for Group Purchasing, Michelin Group

The basics and benefits of working capital finance.

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  • What is accounts receivable financing?

    Your current payment terms don’t have to stay as is. You could get paid as soon as tomorrow. Find out how by learning more about accounts receivable financing.

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  • What is dynamic discounting?

    Who benefits from it? How does it work? Is it right for your business? Dive into the details of dynamic discounting to uncover the answers.

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  • What is early payment discount?

    Many suppliers offer early payment discounts to encourage customers to pay more quickly. Is it the best use of your cash? Learn more about the pros and cons.

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