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Extending payment terms is easier when partnering with PrimeRevenue

  • Extend payment terms and accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce financial risk with our multi-funder platform
  • Enjoy a completely digitized solution integrated with your current ERP systems and customer support in 30+ languages
  • Enjoy a decrease in inbound AP inquiries with 24/7 supplier access to invoices

Our Supply Chain Finance Solution allows buyers and suppliers to take control of cash flow.

Innovative payment solutions for global supply chains

  • Ensure on-time payment for every invoice and leverage early payment programs for suppliers of your choice
  • Offer 24/7 online visibility into invoices, credit memos and payments
  • Provide suppliers with full transparency into invoice payment status and reporting
  • Enjoy a complete digitized solution integrated with your current ERP systems and customer support in 30+ languages

Supply Chain Payments streamlines, automates and provides 24/7 supplier access to payment information.

Enhance your Accounts Receivable process with a completely digitized, modern experience backed by PrimeRevenue’s world class support

  • Users benefit from full visibility of all invoices, credit limits, fees and oustandings all in one place
  • Suppliers can sell invoices for early payment without any involvement or disclosure to their customers
  • Companies participate only when they need to
  • Enjoy a completely digitized solution integrated with your current ERP systems and customer support in 30+ languages

Get paid as quickly as tomorrow.

Take advantage of discounting to expand margins

  • Set your own discount rate and adjust at any time with our dynamic sliding scale
  • Strengthen the financial health of you and your suppliers, allowing them to receive early payments and increase cash flow
  • Support suppliers that are ineligible for third-party funded Supply Chain Finance or not willing to extend payment terms without acquiring debt
  • Enjoy a complete digitized solution integrated with your current ERP systems and customer support in 30+ languages

 Pay early, but pay less.

Partner Programs

Deliver maximum value to your customers with PrimeRevenue

Our program is flexibly designed to deliver value to your customers and their suppliers based on your desired level of collaboration:

    • Co-Marketing Referral Program
    • Co-Marketing Agent Program
    • Reseller Program

Prioritizing flexibility, collaboration, and your customers.

Leverage industry-leading technology

Replace your outdated technology for intuitive trade finance software, established by an industry leader in supply chain and receivables finance, and offer solutions to your clients without the need for a dedicated in-house team.

Offer trade finance solutions to your clients today.



“Every new idea and growth opportunity requires cash, which is why Boston Scientific considers free cash flow from operations—and year-over-year improvement in cash flow—to be core metrics for measuring success. We also understand that investors pay close attention to the cash conversion cycle and cash flow. Public companies with better working capital metrics perform better in the market.”


“The PrimeRevenue Platform is my first choice. The onboarding process is both seamless and thorough to ensure that both the requirements of the supplier and funding bank are satisfied in a timely manner.

We are already a long-time user of the platform, so benefits have already been fulfilled tenfold. The platform is an integrated part of our businesses processes, both from finance and supply chain viewpoints.”


“We were introduced to PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance solution through the Masco merchandising team. Our onboarding process was simple; the platform is user-friendly and the PrimeRevenue Team helped us throughout.

Use of the platform has allowed us to improve our cash liquidity, as well as make investments in operations and infrastructure. We want more of our customers to be part of this program.”


“PrimeRevenue has provided funds at a very competitive cost, improved our cash flow and shortened the AR cycle. Onboarding was fast and easy.”


“PrimeRevenue has been an indispensable source to generate working capital for ALRO. PrimeRevenue is one of the tools that helped us recover and survive in a tough economic environment.

In fact, if we would stop using PrimeRevenue today, it would have a significant impact on our cash flow almost immediately.”


“The supply chain finance program adds to our business, our philosophy, and our core values of sustainability.

It ensures sustainable relationships and I think that’s a very good addition to what we’re standing for as a company.”


“Suppliers were so eager to participate that they were ready to [use the solution to receive early payment] before the program was fully implemented.”