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New Data: Interest Rate Impact on Supplier Early Payment

Several weeks later – despite historic inflation and aggressive efforts to tame it – interest rate increases have had zero impact on supplier trading behavior.

Supply Chain Finance Shines as Holiday Season Approaches

For the first time since 2020, supply chains are feeling some relief.

Supply Chain Finance Helps Enterprises Capitalize on U.S. Clean Energy Legislation

The Inflation Reduction Act signed into U.S. law is the biggest clean energy investment in American government history. But what does this mean for the supply chains most affected by this legislation? And how can supply chain finance help?

Interest Rate Impact on Supplier Early Payment

The Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. These increases can affect all types of funding, regardless of industry. So what does this mean for your suppliers?

Converting Data to Business Transparency

When you provide visibility into payment times and transparency, decoupling payment time from payment term, you enable your suppliers to plan their business and know how to supply you.

PrimeRevenue Releases eBook on Supply Chain Financing for Healthcare Industry

PrimeRevenue, the global leader in working capital and B2B payment solutions, today published its new eBook, How Supply Chain Financing Brings the Healthcare Supply Chain to Scale.

Interest Rate Impact on Supplier Early Payment

Are any funding options available that won’t force suppliers to increase their prices or push them out entirely? According to our data, there is: supply chain finance.

How Supply Chain Financing Brings the Healthcare Supply Chain to Scale

Pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers face an array of challenges as they attempt to grow and scale their business. Supply chain finance can help.

Supply Chain Finance: A Solution to Today's Global Volatility

For decades, business leaders have used supply chain finance to improve financial health. Now the focus is on volatility. How can business leaders use supply chain finance to reduce supply chain risk and increase resiliency amid changing economic and geopolitical conditions?

Outperforming the Competition with Supply Chain Finance

What earns competitive advantage in today’s hyper-competitive and disruption-filled business climate? Learn how supply chain finance can be used as a lever to outperform the competition.