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A Supplier’s Perspective: Saying Goodbye to the Black Hole of Payment Processing

When suppliers have visibility, they can have better insight into their own working capital.

Five Steps to Freeing the Cash Hidden in Your Supply Chain

Learn how to jump from a supplier early-payment initiative into a powerful working capital solution with these five steps.

How Nike Survived a Cash Flow Crisis

Cash flow - its management has been the downfall of many manufacturers. But for some challenged by it, it points towards positive growth.
Global Expansion Summit supply chain finance

Making the Case for Mavericks

Nathan Feather recaps the Global Expansion Summit - what do finance execs need to know about the global climate and supply chain finance?

A Walk Around Your Grocer Shows the Need for Cash to Transform Big Food

Walking around the grocery store will tell you more than what food is on sale. It will show you the need for innovation.

Why Suppliers Choose Supply Chain Finance

What are the five reasons why suppliers choose supply chain finance?
Supplier Perspective Growth Gets Scary

Supplier Perspective – What Happens When Growth Gets Scary?

Rapid revenue growth is what companies’ dreams are made of. What happens when you don’t have the working capital available to support it?
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Political Change Means Choppy Waters on Both Sides of the Pond for the Supply Chain

Businesses of all sizes and industries are finding it impossible to ignore what’s happening in global politics today.
Procurement and Innovation

Procurement and Innovation: Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Pair?

Learn how a flexible and agile procurement function is poised to become a key player in a company’s growth ambitions.