Supplier Enablement

We provide the most effective solution to engage, onboard, and educate your suppliers.

Supplier onboarding can be a time-consuming, complex task. It is however crucial for the success of any supply chain finance or dynamic discounting program. This is why PrimeRevenue created our unique SCiEnable platform, a revolutionary supplier enablement tool.

Efficient supplier enablement is key to a successful supply chain finance or dynamic discounting program.

SCiEnable introduces your supplier finance program to your procurement team and you. It communicates the benefits and structure of the financing process and is an integral part of the OpenSCi suite. SCiEnable is fully customizable with your corporate identity and is available in multiple languages to easily and seamlessly onboard your suppliers in record time. This intuitive and user-friendly onboarding solution will set the foundation for building and sustaining successful supply chain finance and dynamic discounting programs. SCiEnable helps the supplier effectively navigate the onboarding process. The supplier onboarding process includes the following:

  • Engaging suppliers by introducing supply chain finance and dynamic discounting through various approaches facilitated by local PrimeRevenue teams in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions
  • Educating suppliers on the financial benefits of supply chain finance and dynamic discounting via various tools including case studies and a benefits calculator
  • Enrolling suppliers by providing an easy-to-use solution to capture relevant company information and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documentation when using third-party funding
  • Training suppliers via individual orientations and hands-on training conducted by local PrimeRevenue experts, group training sessions, on-demand videos, and webcasts

Our experience is evident in the numbers.

With SCiEnable, we can educate and onboard thousands of global suppliers within as little as 48 hours. SCiEnable has already been used to onboard 20,000 suppliers across multiple successful programs in 70 countries.

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