Technically, it’s a cloud-enabled platform.
Truthfully, it’s a total game-changer.

Our people and platform are a powerful combination.


A supply chain finance program isn’t just about interest rates and payment terms. It’s a living, breathing solution that requires planning, strategy and continuous monitoring to ensure success. From prioritizing your suppliers to providing procurement with customized negotiation support, SCiMap gives you the information needed to bring everyone on board.

  • Working capital analysis to compare your performance with your goals
  • Identify how much potential cash flow you can generate to meet those goals
  • Analyze suppliers using industry benchmarks to prioritize them for rollout
  • Create profiles for all your suppliers along with a customized, strategic plan for negotiations
  • Develop appropriate messaging to help obtain supplier buy-in to the program
  • Personal support during negotiations


In the next phase of the program, we unleash the collaborative capabilities of the cloud through SCiEnable. Using this global platform, buyers, suppliers and funders come together for education and onboarding. By digitally automating the registration process, it also eliminates most of the legwork, so your program can be up and running as soon as the next day. It’s the kind of innovation you can only find with a partner who is primed to help all parties succeed.

  • Multi-language functionality
  • Configurable landing page incorporates brand look and feel
  • Includes relevant case studies and testimonials
  • Interactive working capital calculator
  • Offers self-service education for the supplier for varying degrees of knowledge base
  • Addresses top issues and questions that have surfaced based on years of expertise
  • Quick, easy, hassle-free onboarding process
  • Online submission of required documentation
  • Automates registration process that most traditional banking programs must do manually
  • Dedicated support teams for hands-on training, individual orientations, webinars and more


Accessible from anywhere with just a web browser, SCiSupplier protects suppliers, buyers and funders by providing complete transparency into their program. Here, suppliers accelerate accounts receivable payments, while funders choose which accounts receivables to finance. Easy, automated and intuitive, SCiSupplier is the ultimate way to optimize your working capital.

  • Buyers electronically transmit payables with no change to existing invoice process
  • Suppliers pick and choose invoices to trade for early payment
  • Trades are a true sale of receivables and are not counted as debt on the supplier’s balance sheet
  • Set up rules for instant trading based on previously defined parameters for accounts receivable finance
  • Provides visibility into approved invoices and credit memos
  • Acts as a payment processing engine, as a benefit to the buyer
  • One hub for all active supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, programs for buyers, suppliers and funders
  • Competitive rates based on buyer’s credit score
  • Mitigates risk from extended payment terms
  • Multi-funder platform protects against volatility with few limitations in terms of countries or currencies


Traditionally, a supply chain finance program needed to be buyer-led, but with SCiCustomer, suppliers can proactively unlock cash without any involvement from their customers. By releasing working capital trapped in accounts receivables, suppliers have the ability to self-fund growth. And like all other products within the OpenSCi suite, SCiCustomer protects your information within a secure, fraud-free solution.

  • Supplier-driven, accounts receivable finance platform
  • One automated, cloud-enabled system for all your
    receivable programs
  • Sell invoices for early payment without any involvement from your customers
  • Drive early payment with highly competitive rates
  • Track what invoices are sold, due and paid—plus, document disputes and short and late payments
  • Global, multi-funder environment protects against risk by providing numerous liquidity sources across jurisdictions
    and currencies
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