Dynamic Discounting

Solutions that benefit your entire financial supply chain allowing you to strengthen relationships with your trading partners

Dynamic discounting, available on PrimeRevenue’s SCiSupplier platform, allows both buyers and suppliers to benefit from their financial supply chain and improve relationships between trading partners. PrimeRevenue’s dynamic discounting solution supports buying organizations in managing self-funded early payment discount programs for suppliers. It allows buyers to earn risk free return on their available liquidity and increase profitability by maximizing supplier discounts, while helping suppliers with early payment terms. In addition, it significantly reduces the administration time and effort for the buyer to manage a global discounting program. For suppliers, dynamic discounting mitigates the uncertainty surrounding the timing and amount of payments, allowing superior cash flow forecasting capabilities. This solution also lets suppliers gain fast and easy access to cash flow, without taking on debt.

Use one common platform for supply chain finance and dynamic discounting

By offering dynamic discounting on the SCiSupplier platform we allow buying organizations and their suppliers to use one common solution to optimize their financial supply chain. With PrimeRevenue, our customers have the unique opportunity to use one, single platform to capture early payment discounts using their own capital, the capital of a third-party financial institution or a combination of both. Similar to our supply chain finance offering, in dynamic discounting the buyer uploads the approved invoices as well as associated credit / debit notes to the SCiSupplier platform. The invoices are validated and presented through the SCiSupplier web-based portal to the suppliers, which have been previously onboarded through the SCiEnable platform. Suppliers have the option to choose early payment terms or wait until the maturity date. SCiSupplier will send an automated payment advice to the buyer for the transfer of funds to the supplier based on the payment selection.

Better cash returns, higher supplier satisfaction

Our team of experts will provide your organization with knowledge and expertise on how to build a healthier supply chain. For more information on dynamic discounting or any of PrimeRevenue’s solutions, please contact us today.