5 Working Capital Challenges to Tackle

working capital challenges

By PrimeRevenue • Published May 10, 2021 • 3 minute read

In this perspective, you’ll read about the top five working capital threats companies are facing. Failure to tackle these threats could result in unnecessary hardship, while those that overcome them now will be well-positioned to gain market share moving forward.

No matter what economic environment you are experiencing, these are the top five priorities you and your team should focus on to thrive and grow regardless of economic conditions:

  1. Diversify both short-term and long-term funding strategies beyond commercial lending
  2. Optimize working capital to mitigate risks tied to tariffs and trade policies
  3. Overcome the negative impacts of COVID-related disruptions and fuel recovery
  4. Mitigate cost increases in logistics in order to invest more in revenue growth
  5. Meet demands for transformation while helping your suppliers do so, too

5 Working Capital Challenges to Tackle