PrimeRevenue’s Investment in Customer Success Delivers Exceptional Value to Clients

By PrimeRevenue • Published May 3, 2021 • 4 minute read

Voice of Customer program inspires customer-focused technology and service enhancements, results in great NPS score

Atlanta, GA, May 3, 2021 – PrimeRevenue, Inc., the leading provider of technology enabled working capital solutions, reports that recent investments in customer-focused systems and service enhancements have driven impressive results in customer satisfaction.

As part of a ceaseless effort to support clients, PrimeRevenue has doubled down on its commitment to continuously improve its working capital solutions based on customer and prospect feedback. An integral part of this commitment is investing in the customer service leadership team, which includes the addition of a new SVP of Global Customer Success, Jason Green.

“It is our top priority to ensure our technical enhancements to existing products and the development of new solutions bring clients and partners value where they need it,” said Jason Green, SVP of global customer success at PrimeRevenue. “PrimeRevenue has worked hard to earn its reputation as an innovative, ethical leader in working capital finance, and we look forward to further delivering on that promise.”

Another key component has been the deployment of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. Launched in late 2019, the program follows proven VoC best practices to capture customer and supplier usage data to better understand user behavior. Analysis of this data, alongside conducting customer interviews, has allowed PrimeRevenue to identify specific areas of improvement, prioritize and deploy changes, and monitor user satisfaction.

Using this data, the company has made several enhancements to SCiSupplier and SCiCustomer, PrimeRevenue’s award-winning supply chain finance and selective receivables finance solutions, to deliver more value to clients and their suppliers. These include:

  • Significant UX/UI improvements
  • Easier and expedited onboarding
  • The introduction of AdvancePay, which allows buyers to offer an attractive early payment option to their entire supply base, regardless of annual spend.

The VoC program has proven to be very effective. PrimeRevenue’s Net Promoter Score – which measures how likely a customer is to refer a company, product, or service – has remained consistently in the “great” range. PrimeRevenue aims to expand the VoC program in 2021 and advance into the highest NPS rating range of “excellent.”

Reformation Logistics, a UK-based freight transport services company, has seen tremendous benefits participating in a PrimeRevenue-led supply chain finance solution, as well as PrimeRevenue’s VoC program.

“The onboarding solution is quick and intuitive,” said Alex Lomas, director of Reformation Logistics. “Being a new business, we rely heavily on early payment to maintain operations and grow. The whole process was flawless except for the fact that we needed more formal communication that the money we’re advancing would be in our bank on a certain date to assist with our forecasting. We communicated this with the PrimeRevenue team, and they specifically addressed our feedback and launched that functionality within the platform.”

PrimeRevenue’s multi-funder, supplier-friendly working capital solutions are unique in the industry. Leveraging a global network of 100+ funders, the company offers transparent, reliable early payment solutions to suppliers of all sizes and in all geographies. As a result, both buyers and suppliers can fully optimize cash flow to strengthen their businesses, fund growth and navigate disruption.


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