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Suppliers, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Accelerate Payment on Invoices

Close out 2020 and start 2021 with a healthy balance sheet. Get paid early on approved invoices to unlock critical cash ahead of the new year.

4 Dynamics Shaping Supply Chain Leaders' Priorities in 2023

The headwinds that will shape supply chains in 2023 will be largely out of business leaders’ control. Examples include geopolitical conflict and tensions in Ukraine and Taiwan as well as financial stressors, including liquidity concerns, currency exchange volatility and rising interest rates. Current uncertainty will likely give way to even greater turbulence in the early months of 2023 - the implications of which will be felt for some time. 

Where does one of the world's leading global brands turn when they need cash? Michelin Case Study

PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance program has already helped Michelin unlock significant cash flow since the implementation.

The Future of Accounts Receivable: Empowering Suppliers with Payment Certainty, Unlimited Reporting and Digital Self-Service

The future of accounts receivable is now. Companies need new and innovative technology that supports their ever-changing B2B payment needs.

Multi-Funder or Single Bank?

Choose the best supply chain finance program for your business.

Crédit Agricole CIB Expands Partnership with PrimeRevenue to License Innovative Trade Finance Technology in the Americas

Bank licenses PrimeRevenue's supply chain finance and accounts receivable finance solutions to bolster working capital optimization offering.

PrimeRevenue’s Investment in Customer Success Delivers Exceptional Value to Clients

PrimeRevenue has doubled down on its commitment to continuously improve its working capital solutions based on customer and prospect feedback.

PrimeRevenue Reaffirms Rapid Deployment Capabilities for Companies Facing Supply Chain Finance Disruption

PrimeRevenue's innovative technology and expansive multi-funder network are on standby to support buyers and suppliers requiring swift transition to new working capital solutions provider.

Early Payment Helps Mitigate Risks of Cash Flow Uncertainty

Alternative liquidity solutions like supply chain finance and accounts receivable finance provide fast, non-debt access to cash.

Three Ways Financial Institutions Can Leverage Trade Finance to Grow Revenue

There are many opportunities for banks to collaborate with PrimeRevenue, from participation in our multi-funder network to licensing our innovative technology.

Extending the Benefits of Early Payment to Companies That Need It Most

Growing demand for liquidity and timely payment across the supply chain is driving record interest in alternative financing solutions like accounts receivable finance.

Financial Resiliency: The Leading Driver of Supply Chain Health in 2021

Supply chain finance and accounts receivable finance will be key for suppliers and buyers of all sizes to strengthen their financial health on the path to economic recovery.