DFDS Haulier Takes Control of Cash Flow Using Early Payment Program

By PrimeRevenue • Published June 30, 2020 • 3 minute read

Steve Archer: Good morning. My name is Steve Archer. I’m Managing Director of S.T.A Transport. [I’ve been] working with DFDS now for approximately a year. PrimeRevenue’s been very useful to me personally. When you’re running a vehicle and it’s using anything from £1200 to £1500 a week in diesel alone before your other outgoing costs, it’s very difficult when you’re initially starting off to cope with waiting 30 days for your money.

He then introduced me to you guys, PrimeRevenue, who then, all of a sudden I’m working a week and then the following week, my money’s in the bank. Which is awesome really in that respect because I can go to the bank and if I need to pay any bills whatsoever, they’re done. I haven’t got to worry about the outgoings, the fuel, the insurance, the road tax or anything like that because I know it’s there. Before it was like I was praying to get to the 30 days.

I am actually applying to the operators traffic department to hopefully renew my operator’s license for another four vehicles. Now, without having that cash advance in the bank stating I’ve got X amount of thousands in the bank, then I wouldn’t be allowed to do that. So I’d still be stuck with the one truck. But through your platform and the money being in the bank, I can do that now.