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Volvo and PrimeRevenue Partner to Help Suppliers Survive Global Disruption with Supply Chain Finance

During the global pandemic, Volvo's PrimeRevenue-led supply chain finance program enabled the business and its suppliers to remain resilient.

Accelerate Payment on Invoices Now for a Strong Start to 2021

Close out 2020 and start 2021 with a healthy balance sheet. Get paid early on approved invoices to unlock critical cash ahead of the new year.

Access to Early Payment Empowers Small Business to Take Control of Inventory and Cash Flow

Learn how early payment via supply chain finance helped one small supplier take control of cash flow to better manage inventory.

Supply Chain Finance Improves Working Capital and Enhances Cash Flow Forecasting

How can you condense the cash conversion cycle? Early payment via supply chain finance is a highly effective option. Read now to learn more.

How to Quickly and Efficiently Improve Working Capital in the Supply Chain

Electronic Time Drafts, patented and offered exclusively by PrimeRevenue, extend supply chain finance to more suppliers. Learn more.

Industry Today: Pandemic Ignites Supplier Demand for Early Payment

In his article for Industry Today, CFO Nathan Feather explains why early payment is more important than ever to suppliers in today's climate.
PrimeRevenue Accelerates $53B in Global Early Payments

PrimeRevenue Accelerates $53 Billion in Global Early Payments During First Half of 2020

Amid the global crisis, cash flow gains of this magnitude have been essential to companies of all sizes in securing financial operations and protecting countless jobs around the world.
DFDS Haulier Takes Control of Cash Flow Using Early Payment Program

DFDS Haulier Takes Control of Cash Flow Using Early Payment Program

Through early payment via supply chain finance, this supplier has been able to significantly grow their business. Watch now to learn more.
How an Early Payment Program Helped DFDS Supplier to Invest and Expand

How an Early Payment Program Helped DFDS Supplier to Invest and Expand

Supply chain finance offers an accessible source of liquidity for suppliers who may not have many other cost-effective options. Watch now to learn more.

PrimeRevenue Injects Critical Liquidity into Global Economy Amid Supply Chain Disruption, Sees Dramatic Spike in Demand for Early Payment

Company reports a record $10 billion in early payments and 93% of approved invoices traded in March 2020.
supply chain finance testimonials

Early Payment Program Fuels Supplier Growth

In this video, suppliers share how access to early payment has empowered them to make transformative investments in the business.
tackling construction cash flow issues

Tackling The Construction Industry’s Persistent Cash Flow Challenge

Read about the biggest challenges the construction industry faces today and how some are using supply chain finance to mitigate them.