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  1. Accelerated Network Effect Paves the Way for a Quarter of a Trillion Dollars in Supply Chain Finance Payments

    On the heels of doubling annual volume from 2016 to 2018, PrimeRevenue's momentum shows no sign of slowing down as we approach a quarter of ...


  2. Acquired by a Private Equity Firm? Here’s How to Delever More Efficiently and Effectively Fund Strategic Investments

    If your company has been acquired by a private equity firm, the mandate is clear: create a fast path to increased enterprise value and effic...

    EVP, Global Head of Funding

  3. Supply Chain Finance Delivers But Only When Finance is Aligned with Procurement

    Here are 4 questions finance should ask about procurement support when evaluating supply chain finance partners.

    Director of Program Management - Americas

  4. Why Supply Chain Finance is a Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

    While the benefits of supply chain finance are obvious to a buyer, we dig into how suppliers value early payment and visibility.


  5. primerevenue-working-capital-grader-blog
    Are You Funding the Competition? What Your DPO Performance Can Tell You

    How well a company manages its cash conversion cycle is a key indicator of financial health. But, for many companies, it’s an area of weakne...

    EVP, Solution Strategy