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Natural Disasters can Shock the Supply Chain


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Natural Disasters can Shock the Supply Chain

If you want to know just how sensitive today’s supply chains are, look no further than this recent article in Fortune. It looks at what happens when a supplier is hit by a financial crisis or a natural disaster.......Read More

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FSCM Knowledge in Demand in IT Survey

All modern businesses run on a backbone of IT. This presents a problem to IT workers who want to advance their careers. What are companies looking for when hiring IT talent? Traditionally, IT professionals pursue experience and certifications to......Read More

Industrialization created a distance between buyer and seller and a major impact on modern the supply chain.

Supply Chain Finance and Moving Beyond the Payment Terms Debate

Looking Back and Forging Ahead. A distinctive view on Supply Chain Finance and the evolution of trade related financing which shaped this solution throughout history. Agrarian Era Of course it was all so much simpler in the days of......Read More

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Do you have a Holistic View of your Supply Chain?

There are many reasons why companies need to take a closer look at their financial supply chains. Often a problem in the financial supply chain can foreshadow problems in the physical one, but data about the health of the......Read More

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Supply Chain Sustainability is More Important Than Ever

When supply chain disruptions happen, a business has to explain to customers why their orders are delayed. This can lead to angry consumers, investors, and even governments, leading to a loss of reputation as well as financial difficulties. Another......Read More