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Dynamic Discounting on the Rise


Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic Discounting on the Rise

For the past several years, Dynamic Discounting has been growing steadily. Buying organizations have large amounts of cash sitting dormant on their bank accounts with little returns, while suppliers are looking for a way to improve working capital. Dynamic......Read More

Natural Disasters cause a ripple effect in the supply chain and ultimately a drop in sales.

Natural Disasters can Shock the Supply Chain

  If you want to know just how sensitive today’s supply chains are, look no further than this recent article in Fortune. It looks at what happens when a supplier is hit by a financial crisis or a natural......Read More

Industrialization created a distance between buyer and seller and a major impact on modern the supply chain.

Supply Chain Finance and Moving Beyond the Payment Terms Debate

Looking Back and Forging Ahead. A distinctive view on Supply Chain Finance and the evolution of trade related financing which shaped this solution throughout history. Agrarian Era Of course it was all so much simpler in the days of......Read More

An educated consumer is your best customer.

Why an educated consumer is (still) our best customer

The slogan “An educated consumer is our best customer” stood out when Sy Syms, CEO of the Syms Corporation, used it in television ads in the 1980s. Customer empowerment was an already popular notion back then. Fast forward to......Read More

Bank Independent Supply Chain Finance Platforms

Why bank-independent supply chain finance platforms have taken the lead

Why is multi-funding the talk of the town? There has been a lot of discussion in the market around the benefits of open, multi-bank supply chain finance platforms. As Trade Financing Matters emphasizes, the new ideal in supply chain......Read More