Working capital: food for thought for the food and beverage industry


The food and beverage industry is hingry for more working capital

Working capital: food for thought for the food and beverage industry

Hungry for more working capital?  A wave of significant change is moving through the food and beverage industry redefining the way companies grow, operate, and manage risks. Increased commodity prices, adjustments in consumer demand and food safety regulations have......Read More

Asian-Pacific businesses

Why businesses across Asia-Pacific are Turning to Working Capital Finance

Globalization has further increased the opportunity for inter-regional growth in Asia- Pacific’s emerging regional markets. These flows are creating new trade channels in the region where they did not exist before. As supply chains continue to fragment and proliferate,......Read More

Mining trucks

Supply chain finance gains momentum in the mining industry

Metals and mining companies have been facing turbulent market conditions over the past few years.  Declining commodity prices, increased international competition, spiking energy costs, and productivity falls have changed the industry. As traditional approaches such as drawing down inventories......Read More

Global marketplace and need for supply chain finance

Why the global marketplace is in need for supply chain finance

Today, liquidity is highly valued by businesses of all sizes whose executives have been reminded that, once again, “Cash is King.” Faced with a demonstrable tightening of credit and a significant reduction in liquidity, cash has become an expensive......Read More

Sweet spot molecular structure

The Sweet Spot

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open” – Alexander Graham Bell There’s been a lot of Supply Chain Finance activity in the food & beverage......Read More