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PrimeRevenue Technology is First in the Market to Support Any Alternative Benchmark Rate Ahead of LIBOR Transition

PrimeRevenue system upgrades enhance funding rate flexibility to meet financial institution partner requirements ahead of LIBOR transition.

Three Ways Financial Institutions Can Leverage Trade Finance to Grow Revenue

There are many opportunities for banks to collaborate with PrimeRevenue, from participation in our multi-funder network to licensing our innovative technology.
LIBOR to SOFR: How Will the Transition Impact Supply Chain Finance?

LIBOR to SOFR: How Will the Transition Impact Supply Chain Finance?

Many companies have questions around the transition from LIBOR to SOFR and what it may mean for their supply chain finance programs. Read now to learn more.
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Ensure Transactions Retain Trade Payables Classification with These 5 Precautions

Five precautions to ensure transactions are classified as trade payables rather than debt.
myths basel III supply chain finance

Myths about Flexible Funding, Basel III and Supply Chain Finance

Misconceptions aside, the appetite for supply chain finance is likely to increase.
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Shoe Dog – Nike’s Early Years Were a Constant Battle for Cash

Shoe Dog tells the story of founding and building Nike. Like many companies, Nike struggled to balance growth with the need for cash.

One Bank Can't Do It All

One bank, two bank, three bank, more! Why multi-funder helps ensure overall corporate financial health.
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Post-Recession, Mid-Sized Suppliers Seek New Avenues of Trade Financing

PrimeRevenue provides a supply chain finance lifeline for mid-market companies.