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Supply Chain Finance Fundamentals

Supply Chain Finance Fundamentals

By • Published March 8, 2020 • 3 minute read

Working capital is critical to every business, but its importance is underscored in an environment that is inherently more susceptible to global and regional economic uncertainty, industry volatility, geopolitical changes, pandemics, man-made and natural disasters and many other factors.

To be considered high performing, global supply chains must be agile, innovative and competitive in spite of these variables – and all that’s fueled by working capital. Given these factors, it’s no surprise that finance and procurement professionals are seeking ways to more easily access working capital that is trapped in their supply chains.

Enter supply chain finance. In this white paper, we cover the fundamentals, including:

  • What is supply chain finance? What is it not? How does it work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are common misconceptions surrounding supply chain finance?
  • Following supplier onboarding, how are receivables submitted and processed?
  • And more…

Supply Chain Finance Fundamentals

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