How to Finance Supply Chain Sustainability

By PrimeRevenue • Published February 28, 2020 • 3 minute read

Sustainability is vital to a healthy supply chain, especially in today’s economic climate. Increasing pressure for corporate social responsibility and economic uncertainty both have the potential to disrupt business – emphasizing the need for companies to rethink supply chain sustainability.

Many companies are turning to supply chain finance as a powerful solution for fueling sustainability objectives. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on benefits for the buyer, supplier-focused supply chain finance programs equally benefit a broad spectrum of participants. When properly implemented, supply chain finance enables buyers to reach their cash flow and sustainability objectives while providing the same benefit to suppliers downstream.

This perspective covers:

  • What factors are driving companies to build sustainability into the supply chain
  • The changing definition of “supply chain sustainability”
  • How supplier-focused supply chain finance prioritizes the supplier experience while funding sustainability objectives

How to Finance Supply Chain Sustainability