6 Ways Manufacturers are Using Supply Chain Finance to Fund the Future

6 Ways Manufacturers use Supply Chain Finance

By PrimeRevenue • Published January 29, 2019 • 3 minute read

Transformation is reshaping the manufacturing industry. The scale and pace of this transformation is forcing manufacturers and suppliers to make massive and costly changes to their businesses. “How will we fund X strategic business initiative?” is a question that weighs heavily on even the largest, most profitable manufacturers and especially on suppliers that lack access to investment-grade funding.

For many businesses across the manufacturing supply chain, the answer is supply chain finance. From agricultural and automotive equipment to medical devices and household appliances, an increasing number of manufacturers are using supply chain finance to fund the changes and transformations that will power their future.

In this white paper, we discuss real-world examples of how manufacturers are optimizing working capital so they can:

  • Accelerate innovation initiatives
  • Fund strategic merger and acquisition transactions to increase market share and diversify product/service portfolios
  • Build out new infrastructure to support evolving production demands
  • Invest in education to overcome the labor shortage currently facing most manufacturing organizations
  • Have the financial agility to navigate change and market volatility
  • Increase enterprise value and return on capital

6 Ways Manufacturers are Using Supply Chain Finance to Fund the Future

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