PrimeRevenue at EuroFinance 2023: Transforming Finance and Empowering Businesses

By PrimeRevenue • Published October 12, 2023 • 3 minute read

Discover PrimeRevenue’s Impact at EuroFinance 2023! Hear from industry experts as they discuss the positive effects of supply chain finance on their businesses. Learn how PrimeRevenue has empowered corporates, suppliers, and funders alike in optimizing their working capital programs. Explore firsthand accounts, strategic partnerships, and future outlook for 2024.


PJ Bain: We’re super excited to be here at EuroFinance to spend time face to face with our customers and with our partners.

Nathan Feather: PrimeRevenue has had many positive impacts on businesses. We have seen it fund new programs for Innovation at corporates. We’ve seen it fund suppliers and their needs, we’ve actually used it as well to fund our own working capital needs from time to time. So it’s had tremendous impact on many businesses.

Hana Ferklova: We grow businesses, we help them reach out the potential that they really want. They get the capital to do it and that is an amazing thing to watch.

Anthony Buchanan: Great team player, helpful, works with our suppliers and our procurement team – which is a great benefit for us.

Mack Makode: PrimeRevenue had a big impact. They are our strategic partners. While we were setting up our Supply Chain Finance program, they were one of the few fintech companies that we worked with and we really recreated the whole Supply Chain Finance program which really helped our suppliers get the liquidity, which was very important at that time during the pandemic.

Cedric Demeure: What we will expect in 2024 is that there will be an increasing demand from our customer base to get the program – the existing programs even bigger.

Adrian de la Garza: We’re trying to expand more relationships with clients in LATAM.

Anthony Buchanan: We´re looking forward to lower interest rates which will make the negotiations with the suppliers, hopefully, easier.

Mack Makode: It’s a great platform for Supply Chain Finance. Banks become plug & play.

Cedric Demeure: Reliability.

Nathan Feather: Partnership.

PJ Bain: Empowering.

Adrian de la Garza: Global.

Nathan Feather: Collaboration.

Anthony Buchanan: Team player.

Carol Thurnheer: Simply Awesome!