PrimeRevenue’s Exclusive Electronic Time Drafts Solution Granted Additional Patent Protections

By PrimeRevenue • Published February 1, 2021 • 3 minute read

Third patent for proprietary supply chain finance solution reaffirms commitment to expanding suppliers’ access to cash

ATLANTA, February 1, 2021 – PrimeRevenue, Inc., the leading platform for working capital finance solutions, announces the U.S. Patent Office has granted the company a continuation patent for its Electronic Time Drafts (ETD) solution. PrimeRevenue currently holds a total of four trade finance patents, including three for its exclusive ETD solution.

The company’s ETD solution reduces friction in onboarding suppliers to PrimeRevenue-led supply chain finance programs. PrimeRevenue’s patented technology waives the need for UCC filings and expedites suppliers’ access to cash by eliminating lien releases.  It removes the need for paper and manual intervention in conducting supply chain finance (SCF) transactions and allows drafts to remain in purely electronic form throughout the duration of the draft discounting process.

“Innovation is one of PrimeRevenue’s core values, and we pride ourselves on embodying an innovative spirit in all that we do. I am pleased at the recognition that the U.S. Patent Office has provided with this continuation patent, and I look forward to continuing to develop new products that deliver more value to our clients,” said David Quillian, Chief Legal Officer for PrimeRevenue. Quillian designed the company’s ETD solution in 2011.

PrimeRevenue has multiple additional patents pending for its working capital finance solutions.

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