Benefiting Both Sides of the Liquidity Equation

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By PrimeRevenue • Published July 8, 2022 • 3 minute read

Access to working capital is the lifeblood of retailers and their supplier ecosystem – especially during economic turbulence. This was especially true for one home products retailer following a global recession. With thousands of stores across North America serving more than 10 million customers every week, the company needed to optimize working capital so it could navigate rising prices and volatility in inventory turnover.

To overcome these challenges, the company partnered with PrimeRevenue to implement a supply chain finance solution. Fast program implementation, rapid supplier onboarding, a multi-funder network and strong programmatic support enabled the company to realize nearly $1B in working capital improvements – all of which helped the company strengthen its competitive position. In fact, the program was so successful one of its largest suppliers implemented its own PrimeRevenue-led supply chain finance programs.

Key takeaways include:

  • Unlocked $1 billion in working capital
  • Onboarded 300+ suppliers onto the program, which is funded by 10+ of PrimeRevenue’s funding partners
  • Invested in 400+ new stores, digital innovation and invested $20+ billion in share buybacks
  • Provided substantial cash flow improvements to suppliers to fuel growth and innovation
  • Emerged from economic recession as a leader in its retail category

Benefiting Both Sides of the Liquidity Equation

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