The PrimeRevenue Platform: Your Supply Chain Control Center


By PrimeRevenue • Published October 3, 2022 • 5 minute read

For almost 20 years, PrimeRevenue has led the way in creating innovative supply chain solutions beyond that of traditional Supply Chain Finance – all in one platform.

If your business needs:

  • Streamlined AP processes
  • Extended payment terms and greater flexibility
  • Access to more working capital
  • Improved relationships with your suppliers
  • An increase in efficiency while reducing risk

Then, come see what PrimeRevenue has to offer.

Who We Are

As the global leader in working capital and B2B payment solutions, our technology redefines supply chain finance functionality.  We improve supplier relationships in many ways, including by allowing suppliers to get paid early and managing their cash flow. While full transparency builds trust and reduces the amount of AP inquiries.

Our Platform, Your Supply Chain Control Center

PrimeRevenue’s revolutionary platform makes real-time adjustments to meet your working capital needs at your level of business.  We strengthen the supply chain for suppliers by connecting them with a multi-funder network that unlocks working capital so they can exceed their business objectives.  Our industry-leading technology opens the gates of working capital, to support supplier’s growth with access to more than 100 funding partners across 90 countries and 30 currencies.  PrimeRevenue’s world-class customer success team guides our buyers, suppliers, and funders every step of the way, and is fluent in more than 30 languages.

Supply Chain Payments

Many companies do not have enough staff to handle B2B payments technology, or are using an outdated platform. And manually processing invoices can cost up to an average of $17 per invoice, resulting in an increase of cost, and the likelihood of mistakes.  AP automation for supply chain payments is the foundation to unlocking the value of supply chain finance. The gateway to successful working capital initiatives opens – without friction.  Sixty percent of suppliers claimed they had to contact their customers between 1-10 times a month to inquire about payment status, and 49% of suppliers cited late payments as their most pressing payment challenge.  PrimeRevenue’s innovative platform comes to life as suppliers see a clear picture of payment visibility and flexibility. Your suppliers will be paid on-time, or before the invoice maturity date, every time, and we handle all bank account verification. While also taking care of payment error management for you.  Additionally, our Dynamic Discounting solution gives buyers the ability to pay the supplier’s invoice before the maturity date in exchange for a discount. This capability lets buyers maximize savings and widen margins, while suppliers enjoy early payments and an increase in their cash flow.

Supply Chain Working Capital

Improve your working capital and increase monthly cash flow while maintaining supplier relationships by partnering with PrimeRevenue, the industry leader in Supply Chain Finance for the last 20 years. With PrimeRevenue as your partner in deploying a Supply Chain Finance program, our key tenets are adoption and execution.  Our technology platform gives you the control to easily pull levers on which programs you run with your suppliers, but our key differentiator is our people.

Supply Chain Financial Portal

The Supply Chain Financial Portal brings knowledge and a simplified onboarding process to your suppliers in one, centralized location. The portal’s intuitive interface allows you to easily manage legal ​agreements, verify bank ​information, and KYC (Know Your Customer) ​requirements.  Simplified onboarding and educational tools connect for optimized supply chain finance and supply chain payments program implementation.

Supply Chain Analytics

PrimeRevenue created Supply Chain Analytics to empower buyers with data-driven decision making.  Our proprietary data analytics gives buyers insights from strategic data for payment term negotiations and in-depth working capital analysis, to driving liquidity forecasting and a prioritized supplier rollout strategy.  The reporting portal makes it possible to understand the impact of opportunities, and provides third-party financial information to support your business needs.

Connect with Us

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