Back Together Again: PrimeRevenue’s 2023 Global Kick-Off Event

Back Together Again: PrimeRevenue’s 2023 Global Kick-Off Event

By PJ Bain • Published February 9, 2023 • 5 minute read

PrimeRevenue’s Global Kick Off is the optimal way to kickstart the year – especially when it has been difficult to gather the TEAM in a post-pandemic world. We recently held the first in-person event since 2020, hosting TEAM members from our global offices across the globe.

Our theme and focus for the event was: RISE

  • Resilience
  • Inspiration
  • Service
  • Execution

Held over three days, we gathered in Atlanta for collaboration, education, and culture – all while still taking care of business. Our TEAM was given dedicated time to learn more about our products, solutions, clients, and partners with panels and classes.

Here are the highlights of 2023’s GKO:

Reconnecting In-Person

Everyone in attendance was excited to interact with their TEAM members from their own departments, as well as other offices around the world, personally again. The many new faces that have joined in the past few years were able to meet their global colleagues for the first time face-to-face. The week showcased that nothing can replace the power of in-person collaboration and person-to-person communication.

Departments were able to work together one on one to find solutions to long-standing problems faster than a week’s worth of emailing and video calls. This led to many members feeling more integrated as a single team and established a deeper understanding of different departments and their roles in the PrimeRevenue ecosystem.

Our TEAM walked away with a more unified respect towards what PrimeRevenue can achieve together in tandem with individual contributions.

Career Development and Industry Education

The GKO event also offered developmental breakout sessions focused on developing career skills. Classes on sales techniques, marketing strategy, effective communication, and data security were just a few of the topics covered over the course of the week.

To keep a pulse on the industry, TEAM members sat in on a panel composed of our partners and supply chain experts. The conversation covered everything from the impact of recent disruptions to expectations for the future for buyers, suppliers, and funders alike.

Scott Clemons, Partner and Chief Investment Strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman, presented an in-depth analysis of the U.S.’s economic trends recently and an idea of what’s to come in 2023. He was an insightful resource for the TEAM during the open Q&A session.

Team Building for a Cause

As a pillar of PrimeRevenue’s values, we knew we had to have an act of service included in the event. Partnering with The Leaders Institute and our local Boys & Girls Club chapter, we had an inspiring and successful TEAM building event.

Fourteen bikes were built in the midst of a bonding, communication and leadership development exercise with everyone learning how to operate outside of silos and prioritize working together. These bikes, built by the PrimeRevenue employees from around the world, now have new homes with kids in need in the Atlanta community.

Maintaining a positive and proactive culture has always been a priority for PrimeRevenue and we’re excited to be able to foster that sense of community in-person again. Our GKO event this year was a huge success that will definitely be one to remember for our TEAM.