Performance: Exceeding Expectations Every Day

Performance: Exceeding Expectations Every Day

By PrimeRevenue • Published September 2, 2022 • 3 minute read

PrimeRevenue prides itself in a strong, values-based corporate culture. So much, in fact, that we use PRIDE+I as an acronym to define our six core values. The first letter stands for Performance.

Performance is a word many of us have become inured to over the last decade. In a world of where marketers sell performance-enhancing everything, we don’t really focus on what performance truly means.

At PrimeRevenue, we set a high standard for how we perform our jobs every day. That starts by assembling a TEAM of high achievers and top performers who are committed to helping companies make global B2B payments easier and to improve cash flow throughout the supply chain. To us, performance isn’t just getting the job done – it’s getting the job done in a way that exceeds expectations and delights our customers and partners.

What fuels this performance are the individuals that make up the PrimeRevenue TEAM. Yes, we capitalize TEAM around here! These high-performing individuals excel at what they do. It’s the software engineer that understands the challenge a new feature is solving. It’s the account manager that anticipates a customer’s need to expand a working capital program. It’s the customer support executive that takes the extra time to make sure a new supplier is onboarded smoothly onto a supply chain finance program. At every level of our organization, people don’t just perform their job – they excel at it and are passionate about delivering outstanding results to our global customers.

Performance is a big part of what sets us apart from other B2B payment solution and supply chain finance providers. Our performance is tied to our focus – and that is to be the world’s best global B2B payments solution provider. We are focused on very specific B2B payment and cash flow challenges, and our performance is tied to providing solutions that solve challenges and optimize working capital.