Innovation: Where Passion Meets the Future

Innovation: Where Passion Meets the Future

By PrimeRevenue • Published October 24, 2022 • 3 minute read

At its very core, PrimeRevenue is a company of problem solvers and technologists. We help our companies solve some of their biggest financial challenges through FinTech solutions that strengthen the financial supply chain. And as such, we don’t toss the innovation word around lightly.

To innovate is to introduce something new – to make changes to the status quo. Plenty of companies do that. But solving real-world, critical business problems through those changes is a different story. Giving companies easy access to those solutions? That’s what it’s all about.

At PrimeRevenue, we lead with Innovation – the third of our core values. We are a pioneer in multi-funder supply chain finance because we believe companies should be able to offer early payment to suppliers of all sizes, currencies and geographies. The limitations of single-funder supply chain finance became painfully clear years ago. So, we changed what supply chain finance could be. The result? PrimeRevenue will accelerate payment on over 10 million invoices this year thus allowing suppliers to be paid an average of 95 days early. Buyers will increase cash flow of more than $90M on average.

We created the world’s first unified global B2B payments solution because companies need a centralized and automated way to simplify management of on-time and early payments. We have extended our solution to markets and organizations that have been traditionally under-served by the finance community and are helping our customers (and their suppliers) drastically reduce the administrative burden of archaic AR/AP processes.

What’s next? It’s a question we ask ourselves everyday as we look to the future. The possibilities are endless. At the intersection of FinTech and supply chain are a myriad of opportunities to help our customers strengthen their businesses, transform and grow, navigate volatility, and achieve their boldest objectives.