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Supply chain finance gains momentum in the Netherlands
October 2014 - CFO Magazine NL.

Netherlands, the Next Supply Chain Finance Initiative in Europe

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has noted the role of supply chain finance  as a compelling solution for advancing the economy by inserting liquidity into the market place. The UK, under Prime Minister David Cameron, was a forerunner in the area, introducing supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, to UK corporates in 2012. While the UK initiative has attracted a healthy interest from the public press, supply chain finance has already matured with several other governments. In the US, a meeting between leading US corporates and President Barack Obama that will help suppliers secure affordable finance and liquidity, in a move to support job growth and boost the economy was taking place on Friday, July 11th. The official export credit agency of the United States, EXIM Bank offers credit guarantees for certain fundamental supply chain finance programs, backing various industries including examples like the automotive (Ford), machinery (CNH), and aerospace (Boeing) industries for quite a while.

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October 2014 - Spend Matters Network

How to reduce supplier onboarding costs through PrimeRevenue’s Electronic Time Drafts Product

Most of us by now are familiar with the term Supply Chain Finance. We may even know how banks “productize” it by calling it Reverse Factoring, Approved Payable Finance, or some other name – all to indicate leveraging an uncommitted credit facility of an investment grade or near investment grade buyer to provide cheap finance to their suppliers. We may even be familiar with that fact that when a supplier elects to finance receivables with P&G, Tesco, Sainsbury, etc. this way, they are selling their receivables to the bank or funding provider. This entails much work for the bank. PrimeRevenue’s Electronic Drafts are distinguished from the “sale of a receivable” in two ways.

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August 2014 -

Superunie Introduces Supply Chain Finance

As of October 1st, 2014, Dutch buying group Superunie will offer selected suppliers the possibility to use supply chain finance as an attractive liquidity management tool. Operated by PrimeRevenue, the supply chain finance program gives Superunie's suppliers access to low cost funding to help them improve cash flow, reduce debt, and strengthen their financial position.Through the PrimeRevenue OpenSCi platform, suppliers to Superunie can choose to receive early payment on their approved invoices at very attractive funding rates. With payments made electronically, often on the next business day, and with no transaction fees, working capital requirements are reduced and cash flow is less constrained, enabling suppliers to maintain a healthier balance sheet.

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June 2014 - The Paypers

Supply Chain Finance Reaches the Netherlands: The Next Financing Initiative Unveiled

Governments worldwide, including the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affiars recognise Supply Chain Finance (SCF) as a powerful solution to boost thier economies by injecting liquidity into the marketplace. The UK took a precursor role, introducing SCF to UK corporates in 2012. While the UK initiative has attracted strong interest from the public press, supply chain finance is not new to other governments. In the US, the Export-Import (EXIM) Bank provides credit guarantees for several key supply chain finance programs supporting industries such as automotive and aerospace for many years. A cross-regional initiative driven by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank, supports SCF programs with exporters in emerging markets.Considering these numerous ongoing initiatives, it is no surprise that the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has started to carefully examine SCF solutions to enhance the liquidity and working capital of local companies.

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