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Hillenbrand's DPO Initiative Positively Impacts Cash Flow & Supplier Relationships

In this video, global manufacturer Hillenbrand discusses how a PrimeRevenue-powered supply chain finance program led to $40M+ in free cash flow, an improved working capital position and stronger supplier relationships.

Are You Funding the Competition? What Your DPO Performance Can Tell You

How well a company manages its cash conversion cycle is a key indicator of financial health. But, for many companies...

Mann & Hummel is Highly-Commended in Manufacturing and Industrial Category

Mann & Hummel is highly-commended in their industry at the 2017 SCF Forum.
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PrimeRevenue Unveils Working Capital Grader

How do you stack up against your competitors? Use our Working Capital Grader to find out.
How to find competitors finance strategy

Working Capital Grader

Use our interactive working capital grader to compare your performance to your publicly-traded competitors.

Supply Chain Finance and Moving Beyond the Payment Terms Debate

Looking back and forging ahead: how far we’ve come and how we’ve stayed the same.