PrimeRevenue at WCF 2023: Supporting Otto Group’s Major Win

By PrimeRevenue • Published January 3, 2024 • 4 minute read

PrimeRevenue’s team had a great time in Amsterdam at WCF 2023! We enjoyed networking with our peers, old and new alike. Being present to witness our client, Otto Group win Best Use of Supply Chain Finance and the Gold award was the cherry on top. Already looking forward to next year!


Saul Freedman: I’m really happy to be back today at Working Capital Forum and celebrating some of our award-winning Supply Chain Finance programs with clients, like Otto Group and others of our corporate clients from across Europe who are here today in Amsterdam.

Mark Douglas: PrimeRevenue are a trusted partner of businesses all over the world who are looking to remove friction between themselves and their suppliers.

Saul Freedman: We’re really pleased that Otto trusts us to run their Supply Chain Finance programs.

Fabian Schulenburg: We started Supply Chain Finance back in 2019 and we had no experience whatsoever with Supply Chain Finance and we started with PrimeRevenue to roll out the program. We received a lot of trust also from the whole organization and now we are very much on a success track with running out the promise to all the further markets.

Moritz Kusel: I think the best description of PrimeRevenue into words would be trusted partner. Those guys know what they’re talking about, I can trust their judgment and we can find the best solution that works for you guys and for us.

Announcer: And the winner is Otto Group.

Fabian Schulenburg: It’s an honor for us to receive that award because working capital is a very important topic for us at the Otto Group. So yeah, it shows that we have put a lot of effort into it. So we are very happy to have received it and we are very thankful to be nominated from PrimeRevenue to receive this award.

Moritz Kusel: And to get this recognition from the peers here at this forum, it’s just just such an honor.

Being here and going through the whole process with PrimeRevenue and seeing how the community here comes together and how many people are here to interact with and to network with just makes us better and enhances our possibilities for the future.

Mark Douglas: I love how we’ve evolved with Otto as their needs have changed and had to adapt to work across the Asian spends. And for me, it’s a great example of how we have learned and grown as an organization over the last few years with our customers and with their needs.