More than 15,000 customers around the world trust PrimeRevenue to optimize their financial supply chain. Customers look to our award-winning trading platform, OpenSCi™, to help manage their cash flow. With the OpenSCi suite of applications, PrimeRevenue offers four powerful solutions focusing on optimizing and unlocking cash flow for suppliers/exporters and buyers/importers while reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Global working capital finance solutions

Today, we optimize working capital and generate cash flow for major corporations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in virtually every industry sector across the globe. With offices in multiple continents, we are able to provide a global reach that best services our customers and their trading partners while still maintaining a focus on local market experience and knowledge.

Flexibility and expertise

The unique multifunding/multibank structure of OpenSCi provides flexibility with access to over 50 different global funding sources, allowing our clients to receive financing in multiple currencies and countries. This gives our customers the freedom to choose any funding partner on our platform or add their own funding sources, resulting in lower financing costs and funding risks.

OpenSCi is constantly growing and revolutionizing the ability of our clients to turn their cash faster. Every day, invoices worth more than $150 million are financed on our platform, helping generate cash flow for businesses all over the world. Contact us today to see what our working capital solutions can do for you.