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Setting the Record Straight on Supply Chain Finance

CFO Nathan Feather compares supply chain finance to alternative sources of working capital and explains how it's beneficial to buyers and suppliers.

A Wrong Way vs. Right Way Guide to Supply Chain Finance

While no two programs are the same, there is certainly a right way and a wrong way to approach supply chain finance. If you’re not seeing supply chain finance program results, you might not be taking the right approach. Learn more here
valuing the upside impact of supply chain finance for suppliers

Valuing the Upside Impact of Supply Chain Finance for Suppliers

Supply chain finance: friend or foe to suppliers? With the right program, it can become your best friend.
Procurement and Innovation

Procurement and Innovation: Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Pair?

Learn how a flexible and agile procurement function is poised to become a key player in a company’s growth ambitions.

Chasing Growth in 2017? CFOs Look Beyond their Banks for Fuel

Here's how CFOs can fuel their growth beyond banks to gear up to for growth.

Supply Chain Finance Stays Off the Balance Sheet - But How?

Off-balance sheet supply chain finance – not magic but here’s how to avoid illusions.
Bankless Times_SAP Ariba_PR_Partnership

SAP Ariba and PrimeRevenue Seek to Meet $1T Need

The key to SAP Ariba and PrimeRevenue partnership is to create a system that optimizes cash flow by allowing buyers and suppliers to collaborate on purchase orders, invoices, discounts and supply chain financing. Read full article.
ar finance vs ar factoring

Accounts Receivable Finance vs Factoring

Accounts receivable finance and factoring were not created equal.

Food for Thought for the Food and Beverage Industry

Does your supply chain finance program cut the mustard? Time to optimize capital and reduces risk.

Kellogg’s Benefits from Supply Chain Finance

How Kellogg’s used PrimeRevenue to bring back Snap, Crackle and Pop and $1.1B in cash flow.
supplier participation key

Supplier Participation is Key to a Successful Supply Chain Finance Program

Discover why suppliers aren’t trading and what we are doing to ensure a win-win for you and your suppliers.
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