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Why Supply Chain Finance is a Win-Win for Buyers and Suppliers

While the benefits of supply chain finance are obvious to a buyer, we dig into how suppliers value early payment and visibility.

Reaching the Next Summit

PrimeRevenue climbed many mountains in 2018, and as we enter 2019, I want to reflect on some of last year’s achievements – both PrimeRevenue...
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Myths about Flexible Funding, Basel III and Supply Chain Finance

Misconceptions aside, the appetite for supply chain finance is likely to increase.
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Shoe Dog – Nike’s Early Years Were a Constant Battle for Cash

Shoe Dog tells the story of founding and building Nike. Like many companies, Nike struggled to balance growth with the need for cash.

Chasing Growth in 2017? CFOs Look Beyond their Banks for Fuel

Here's how CFOs can fuel their growth beyond banks to gear up to for growth.

Deutsche Bank's Woes Highlight the Risks of Single-Funder Supply Chain Finance

Another single-funder provider gets hit with billions in fines. Still confident with your one-bank program?
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