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A Wrong Way vs. Right Way Guide to Supply Chain Finance

While no two programs are the same, there is certainly a right way and a wrong way to approach supply chain finance. If you’re not seeing supply chain finance program results, you might not be taking the right approach. Learn more here

Setting the Record Straight on Supply Chain Finance

CFO Nathan Feather compares supply chain finance to alternative sources of working capital and explains how it's beneficial to buyers and suppliers.
Global Expansion Summit supply chain finance

Making the Case for Mavericks

Nathan Feather recaps the Global Expansion Summit - what do finance execs need to know about the global climate and supply chain finance?
nike early days cashflow

Shoe Dog – Nike’s Early Years Were a Constant Battle for Cash

Shoe Dog tells the story of founding and building Nike. Like many companies, Nike struggled to balance growth with the need for cash.
ar finance vs ar factoring

Accounts Receivable Finance vs Factoring

Accounts receivable finance and factoring were not created equal.
educated consumer

Customer Empowerment: Why an Educated Consumer is (Still) Our Best Customer

Don’t roll the dice! How to avoid one company’s poor decision that impacted the entire supply chain.

Asking The Right Questions, Part I

Companies interested in implementing supply chain finance often ask what questions should be included in their supply chain finance RFPs.

Supplier Incentives?

The Association of Corporate Treasurers agreed that a buyer benefit of SCF is getting suppliers to agree to extended payment terms.