We optimize working capital in the world’s largest financial supply chains.

In today’s dynamic global environment, maintaining a strong, efficient, and secure financial supply chain is critical. As an open interchange operating in the cloud, PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi product suite is revolutionizing financial supply chain management by allowing our clients to optimize working capital and to strengthen their financial supply chain.

Financial supply chain management made easy

The OpenSCi suite provides working capital finance solutions to thousands of trading partners from across the globe, in over 50 countries and in 17 different currencies. More than 15,000 clients and over 50 funders, including major financial institutions, use the OpenSCi product suite on a daily basis. Multifunder/multibank bank funding is one of the key benefits of using OpenSCi, allowing easy addition or replacement of one funder for another, as well as the simple addition of new funders as a program expands globally – without any disruptions.

Experience the advantages of OpenSCi

Our OpenSCi suite encompasses four different products with a wide range of functionalities, including SCiMap, which enables a Procurement organization to achieve their cash flow and supplier negotiation objectives, as well as SCiEnable, which educates and onboards suppliers to a supply chain finance program. In terms of financing, SCiSupplier allows a buying organization/importer to extend payment terms without increasing risk in the supply chain. SCiCustomer allows companies to accelerate payment of their receivables.

Are you interested in learning more?

To learn more about OpenSCi and our client testimonials, please refer to our case studies page. If you want to learn more and would like to speak to a knowledgeable representative from our team, contact us now.