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Why PrimeRevenue?

Why PrimeRevenue?

Various corporate clients mention PrimeRevenue’s global onboarding services and multi-bank feature as the main reason why they choose PrimeRevenue, particularly because they see limitations to having their financial supply chain funded by only one bank. PrimeRevenue’s 13,000 customers and more than 40 financial institutions can’t be wrong.

They use our solutions and services on a daily basis because of the following:

  • We provide global services to customers with local market knowledge and expertise.
  • 10 years of leading experience in supply chain finance and working capital optimization for global organizations.
  • We are part of your team and work directly with your procurement department to plan and rollout supply chain finance, which is a major plus in enabling such programs.
  • We work with treasury and finance to give them the freedom to choose any funder or finance some of the facility themselves.
  • We provide a unique, detailed analysis of your spend and identify cash flow opportunities within your supply chain with SCiMap.
  • Our legal supply chain finance structure and accounting treatment have a 100% approval track record by the Big Four Auditors under IFRS and GAAP.
  • Seamless and very fast onboarding of suppliers in supplier finance programs due to our online onboarding tool, SCiEnable.

Are You Eager to Learn More?

To obtain more information as either a client or partner, please contact us today. A PrimeRevenue representative will answer all your questions.

To learn more about the latest information on PrimeRevenue, please visit our newsroom and read our articles.