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Increase Visibility on Approved Invoices and Credit Memos, Reduce your Collection Days

Do you want to view all approved invoices from your customers and have the ability to select early payment terms whenever you need cash? Traditionally, companies have used factoring solutions or bank loans to finance their cash flow, which resulted in resolution and settlement complexity, and debt on your balance sheet.

Based on our OpenSCi financing platform, today you can gain visibility on all your approved invoices and credit memos while also having the option to receive payment faster than ever before. Many of our suppliers receive payment the very next day after an invoice is approved. 

The financing rates on our supply chain finance programs are often as low as 1-3% annually because our multi-bank funding model keeps rates competitively low.  This model also allows us to provide you with liquidity around the globe in multiple currencies.

Financing Without Recourse

With SCiCustomer, you can select the invoices you want to sell and get paid immediately. You can select the funders on our multibank platform and can get the best pricing for your receivables. And the best thing is that the financing is without recourse and is not accumulated debt on your balance sheet.

Have you been invited to join OpenSCi by one of your Customers?

With SCiSupplier you might have been invited by one of your customers to join their own supply chain finance program running on OpenSCi. In such a program, you can join free of charge and select the invoices you want to trade for early payments on an ongoing basis. As a leading edge technology company, many suppliers are taking advantage of our automated trading programs, which allow them to customize specific business rules for early payment to be carried out on their behalf.  Again, financing rates are very attractive and funding is without recourse, so it is not considered debt on your balance sheet.

For more information, please see our case studies or speak with one of our representatives today!