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Analyzing the Cash Flow Potential within Your Supply Chain Solutions

SCiMap is the only unified software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides a consolidated and classified analysis of your spend, enriched by insights from PrimeRevenue’s global database, based on detailed and updated market intelligence. This allows you to make better buying decisions as well as negotiate optimized payment terms, putting the power to improve your working capital in your hands.

Deep Analysis of Comprehensive Data

Using PrimeRevenue’s benchmark payment term database of more than $1.3 trillion in analyzed spend data from companies in various industries and countries over 10 years, SCiMap will strengthen your approach to technology and supply chain. SCiMap helps you to analyze spend, identify different ways to optimize working capital, plan, collaborate and generate cash flow from your supply chain, while reducing costs and minimizing supply chain risks. Controlling cash flows, payment terms and risks in this fast-moving, networked economy is far more manageable when you have a comprehensive spend and working capital analysis of your company-wide purchases with granular visibility identifying untapped opportunities for generating cash flow and optimizing working capital. SCiMap provides you with a distinct competitive advantage by giving you on-demand information on where and how to negotiate payment terms based on sound benchmark logic, such as commodity standards, country norms or competitive intelligence. This results in accurate, actionable information, which is critical to strategic decision making.

Are You Eager to Learn More?

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