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Generate Cash Flow without Involving Your Customers

SCiCustomer is an integral part of the OpenSCi suite. It allows your company to sell your invoices for early payment well before the actual due date of the invoice – and across multiple customers. SCiCustomer automatically handles all transactions and provides your company with additional cash flow through the multi-bank platform in multiple countries and currencies.

With SCiCustomer, you do not have to involve your customers. The accounts receivable financing is done based on unapproved invoices and is without recourse to you. Invoice data is uploaded into SCiCustomer where it is processed, funded by financial institutions and ultimately reconciled against payments.

Join SCiCustomer today and generate cash flow SCiCustomer is used by numerous companies from various industries and countries. With our program, these companies are able to sell their invoices through the SCiCustomer platform and get paid immediately. As an integral part of the OpenSCi suite, you will benefit from our multi-bank funding structure, which gives you the option to select the financial institution funding your accounts receivables at highly competitive rates.

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