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OpenSCi SCiAnalytics™ delivers business intelligence and comprehensive analytics about your supply chain finance and cash flow management, including BI/BA graphics and analysis/insight into the transactions you are controlling through OpenSCi.

Presenting a powerful and flexible user interface, SCiAnalytics allows almost any level of visibility into transactions and related financial data, from summary data down to a single transaction. The forms of presentation include a complete library of chart and graphic analyses, as well as tabular reporting that can be custom-designed by the user on the fly.

Sort/Selection of the data can be organized by date, by supply chain segment, by Buyer/Supplier, by terms, by Bank/Funder, and further multiple criteria. Archived data can be retrieved and compared with recent processes for comparison in historical context.

Integrated tightly into OpenSCi, the data that SCiAnalytics can access is regulated by the security role system established for each authorized user, so you will have no worry that unauthorized users can access confidential data.