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Corporate Culture

PRIDE + Integrity

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PrimeRevenue offers a unique and truly entrepreneurial working environment. Like most successful companies, you'll find people who are highly intelligent, motivated, fun-loving and above all, ethical. What really differentiates us from other companies, however, are our Corporate Values. We believe they are critical components to hiring and motivating the right individuals and ultimately drive our long term success. Our values are built upon our PRIDE + Integrity in what we do and who we are, as individuals and as a TEAM!

Performance - As employees and as a company we will define our commitments, reach agreement on the content and delivery, and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations in fulfilling them.

Respect - We will actively acknowledge the value of our colleagues’, customers’ and community’s opinions, perspectives, abilities, and efforts through attentive and courteous listening, consideration, and feedback. Self-respect, which comes from knowing you put forth your best effort, makes each of us a valued member of our TEAM. Individual contributions bring overall success.

Innovation - We will provide revolutionary value to customers and shareholders by thinking creatively and not hesitating to take risks in the pursuit of spectacular success.

Diversity - We believe that TEAMs representing a wide variety of perspectives, ideas, and experiences produce the best outcomes.  As a result, we will actively seek out these differences as we hire, build TEAMs, and make decisions.

Excellence - We will deliver outstanding financial value through operational rigor, product leadership, and sustained differentiated value.

- Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it!