PrimeRevenue is dedicated to optimizing your financial supply chain.

PrimeRevenue is the acknowledged leader in working capital finance, managing and optimizing cash flow for more than 15,000 customers in over 50 countries. The comprehensive solutions offered by our OpenSCi product suite allow our clients to involve their strategic trading partners to create tangible value for the entire value chain. Last year, more than $75 billion in supply chain transactions was processed through our platform. PrimeRevenue has developed a deep understanding of financial supply chains and has quickly become the leading solution provider in working capital optimization for businesses through close collaboration with their treasury and procurement teams. Headquartered in Atlanta with offices in multiple continents, we provide a global reach to best serve our customers with local market knowledge and expertise.

Our history: 11 years as the market leader in working capital finance

PrimeRevenue started with a vision: to help businesses around the world optimize working capital and cash flow, the lifeblood of every company. It was 2003. A group of successful entrepreneurs came together and discussed the tremendous potential in untapped cash in global supply chains. The challenge: each company was looking for ways to protect its own cash flow while not considering the effect it had on its trading partners in the supply chain. The solution lay in employing technology to connect trading partners to a single platform and allowing both parties to optimize their cash flow through the efficient exchange of information and transparency in payment and invoice flows. It was an idea powerful enough to bring together venturous investors, talented employees, and strategic partners.

Multibank: Separating the funding from the platform

Until 2003, trade finance had mainly been managed by large commercial banks in one-to-one relationships with individual clients. PrimeRevenue introduced another groundbreaking solution: separating the funding from the platform, connecting buyers and suppliers. Following the global financial crisis when many banks reduced credit limits, increased financing rates, or stopped funding altogether, the market demand reflected the need for a bank-independent solution. As a response, PrimeRevenue introduced the open trading platform for working capital finance, OpenSCi, which allowed companies to use a multifunding structure, reducing the risk of financing disruptions. The developed services became integrated solutions as part of the OpenSCi product suite, guaranteeing that multiple tools could be brought to bear on any or all programs running on OpenSCi to maximize value for all parties.

Innovation and leadership

Throughout its history, PrimeRevenue has received numerous recognitions, solidifying its positions as the market leader. In 2013, the company received the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award for rapid growth, expertise, and commitment to innovative solutions for the second year in a row. Our deeply rooted, forward-thinking approach and entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in our leadership team—a group of driven individuals with a strong foundation in supply chain, procurement, finance, and IT. Our company’s work environment and corporate values make PrimeRevenue the destination for leaders who want to help clients optimize their cash flow. If you are interested in learning more about PrimeRevenue, please contact us today.